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Start your Cash Flow Journey to Freedom

You will learn how to turn what you earned into a fortune by playing a board game.

It will teach you how to be smart and intentional about managing and building your wealth from you own money.

The board game takes a few hours to play, and building you fortune took a few years to achieve --- but heres the thing --- It Worked Exactly the Same Approach.

The board game you will learn from is called The Cash Flow Game. A man named Robert Kiyosaki wrote a world wide best seller many years ago called Rich Dad, Poor Dad. From the ideas in his book he created a Cash Flow game, and, that Cash Flow game was so effective at teaching people basic wealth creation strategies that clubs sprung up all over the world attended by like-minded people who meet just to play this Cash Flow game.


Who Are We?

The Official Singapore Cash Flow Club has over 1000 global members! Even though we all come from different backgrounds and nationalities.

We all have one thing in common:

We are all Learning to be Smart To Achieve Financial Freedom.

The most powerful Principals we apply to achieve this are the Strategies, Knowledge and Wisdom that we learn in the Cash Flow Game.

And, its inspiring to spend time with so many like-minded people who are focused on the same goal.

During our Cash Flow Game, we use the 10 Steps Cash Flow Mastery Program designed by Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki with their wealth creation guided principles.

Sound interesting? Fun? Wed love to have you join us and Id love to see you there.

Lets learn together towards our common dream!

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